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25 Aug 2016

Equipment Report (Empty Release)


Validity: Aug 25 (08:00) to Aug 26 (08:00)

20GP: normal.

40GP: normal.

40HC: normal.

40RH: normal.




* OUTSIDE SHIPMENT means Outbound Full Return is out of HIT








Terminals/ Depots







Gate Services








24 hours








08:00 ~ 19:00








24 hours
















08:00 ~ 18:30








08:00 ~ 18:00








24 hours















26 Aug 2016

Equipment Report (Empty Release)


Validity: Aug 26 (08:00) to Aug 27 (08:00)

20GP: normal.

40GP: normal.

40HC: normal.

40RH: normal.

Remark: ______________________________________________________________________



* OUTSIDE SHIPMENT means Outbound Full Return is out of HIT


*A GOOD NEWS TO YOU! From now on, just by a simple click at www1.chinashipping.com.hk, shippers, consignees, drivers or even any of us can be very easy to get the latest empty movements at any time and at any places. Don’t wait any longer, go to our company website and drive to the place where you can save your petroleum.

* An easy guide:

Fast links:

Release (提吉): http://www1.chinashipping.com.hk/Release.html

Return(交吉): http://www1.chinashipping.com.hk/Return.html


www1.chinashipping.com.hk à Resource Center (資源中心) à Equipment Movement (箱管動態) à Equipment Reports (Empty Release, Empty Return )/ (吉箱報告 (提吉最新安排, 交吉最新安排)

l  Tell the external fast links or website to customers for their close update on our empty movement.

l  Find the external fast links on S/O or D/O.



Tel No.:

Opening service hours

AW – Affluence Warehouse & Transportation Ltd


3401 4161

0800 ~ 1830

* statutory holiday & Sundays closed at 16:30 *

MD(RTT) – MD International Services Ltd


3480 8395

0800 ~ 1800

* statutory holiday & Sundays closed at 16:00 *

VK -  Victory Kind Container Service Ltd


2455 7797

0800 ~ 1800

* public holiday & Sundays closed at 16:30 *

CM - China Merchant Container Services Ltd


2436 8275 ~ 77

0800 ~ 1900

RTT - River Trade Terminal


2180 7888, CSCL’s Code: 51

24 hours

HIT - HK International Terminal


2407 8833, CSCL’s code: 07

24 hours

MTL - Modern Terminal


2115 2115, CSCL’s Code: 61 / 05

24 hours



2126 7066

24 hours


l  Normal” denotes drivers should follow shipping orders.

l  “A to B” denotes A has stopped releasing the particular type of empty containers and drivers, whose shipping orders state empty pick at location A, should go to B within the stated validity period.

l  Equipment Report is generally updated twice on working day at 1000 and 1830 except Saturday.

l  Weekend notification is issued on Friday 1830 while holiday notification is issued on the preceding working day at 1830.

l  The notice of Upcoming is subject to change that depends on our container distribution of the following days.

l  If you find out the Equipment Report has not updated on the day you are checking, contact ECD.

l  Don’t hesitate to contact ECD should you have any inquiries. You can email your inquiries to ecd@chinashipping.com.hk or call us at 22489229, 357 OR 395..

l  Please be advised that CSCL Hong Kong office hours will be as below details:

Monday to Friday   09:00am -- 12:30pm

                            13:30pm -- 17:30pm

Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays Closed. 


Happy New Year~~~~